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The Reeds at Balgowan Lodge is an award-winning, multi-use hospitality center that is available for catered events, overnight stays, wellness activities, or corporate retreats. Designed by Stan Field Architects of California, it is ideally situated in a serene and peaceful setting with panoramic vistas across two large dams and surrounding forests. Perfect for weddings, retreats, guest stays or entertaining, it has a spacious, high beamed interior and large deck for dining, entertaining, yoga/exercise, relaxing, as well as hosting small meetings or deck functions. The lodge provides a warm and friendly gathering point for home owners and can be rented on a short-term basis for guest stays. With four well-appointed bedrooms, it is ideal for hosting out-of-town families or parents visiting local private boarding schools.


Interior Aesthetics

All timber furniture manufactured from African hardwoods sourced from sustainable, managed forests (Forest Stewardship Council). External furniture made from recycled materials and recycled plastics manufactured in the area. Interior accessories and fittings mainly purchased from craftsmen and designers in The Midlands Meander, and are made from local and natural materials found in South Africa. All art is being acquired from local artists, photographers and craftsmen. Interior fittings, furniture, linens, carpets, rugs, tapestries and kitchenware come from tribal, traditional and modern design studios, weavers and custom manufacturers based in KwaZulu and other parts of South Africa.

General information:

Internal Area: 322m² and up
External Deck Area: 218m² and up
Entrance Court: 155m² and up
Pool/Pond Area: 25m² and up