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The Turn-key Solution in Less Than 3 Months

When you choose to build a modular home, the whole process becomes enjoyable and fast. We work with you to help choose the lot for your house and connect with a modular home builder. The modular home company representative will work with you to design and configure the house. Once your house is designed, it is manufactured at the factory and delivered to your property on the trucks. The on-site non-invasive assembly is quick and clean. You can move into your new home in Reeds in less than 3 months. Choose from one of our approved Home Solution Partners to customise and configure your home design to match your specific Reeds Estate lot. View all approved Home Solution Partners »


Choose the features you want.

The ecomo home concept consists of three units. These 5m x 5m modules can be arranged to the client's need or some of these elements can simply be added at a later stage. This offers a big freedom to simply increase the size of the house when needed.

Configure your custom home design.

Custom configurations and designs allow to configure your house according to your needs.

Have your house delivered to your site for a quick assembly.

House elements are manufactured in the factory and delivered to the site for assembly. The thickness of our walls is 220mm with high insulation. The same in floor and roof. Cladding is North American cedar that needs no maintenance. We install wooden flooring, led lights, high standard sanitary and electrical fittings. Full height sliding aluminium doors are standard as well as chromadek klip lok roof sheeting.

* The steps in this example feature home configuration options with Ecomo homes.