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Nottingham Road has a pleasing climate with summer rains and frequent afternoon thunder showers. The winters are dry with cold nights and warm days. Importantly, these conditions make the area malaria-free and safe to travel to at all times of the year.

November–February: Summer Hot days 26-31 degrees Celsius, warm nights 10-18 degrees Celsius, with afternoon thunderstorms.

March–May: Autumn Warm days 20-28 degrees Celsius, mild nights 8-14 degrees Celsius. Rare thunderstorms.

June–August: Winter Mild to cold days 8-16 degrees Celsius, cold nights 2-10 degrees Celsius. No rain.

September–October: Spring Mild to cold days and nights 12-20 degrees Celsius. Wind, Mist and drizzle prevalent

  Climate Quick Facts:

- 1300 above sea level
- Two distinctive types of microclimate
- 360-degree vistas
- Natural forest borders
- 32 C in Summer, -2C in winter