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The aim is uncluttered single storey architecture of simplistic elegant forms without excessive ornate decoration with materials and colours that reflect the earthiness of the environment. The positioning and shape of the respective sites calls for planar and horizontal rather than vertical elements with bold but simplistic forms and shapes, consisting of a series of simple cohesive elements and projections and recesses in facades, to create depth and shadow with the use of compatible range of materials. The buildings should sit “in” the landscape rather ‘on’ it. The integration of the buildings in the landscape with a “soft” transition from the one to the other will be encouraged, supported with appropriate hard and soft landscaping. The use of natural stone for feature walls and packed stone walls as linear elements will be encouraged and the bulk of building should be securely anchored to the ground with external living areas lightly floating over the site. The Buildings will consist of transparent enclosures of internal spaces to maximize the views and indoor-outdoor relationship, protected by series of shutters and screens. The external use of natural colours and rough and smooth textures, and the use of natural building methods and finishes combined with contemporary detailing will provide the connection with nature.


A contemporary architectural interpretation of the above elements should give cognisance to different site conditions of the hill & dam sites, and the concept for each node will be the point of departure in interpreting the needs and requirements of owners. The positioning of houses around the dams and on the hills have a formational interdependence but each individual site having features particular to itself gives rise to subtle transformations in the design and its relationships to the land.